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Vision Boarding - What's all the craze about?

Have you heard of VISION BOARDING?

Well, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and join in. Vision boarding is an illustrative method

to identify the goals and dreams you want to meet this year. Typically, it is done using a large

poster board, magazine cut-outs, and craft supplies to beautify your board. Or you can utilize technology such as a PowerPoint, and on some computers, there is a whiteboard that an individual can utilize to create a vision board.  

There are also many examples on Pinterest, google, and even YouTube to give you an idea

of various Vision Board layout. Many focus on areas such as Finance, Health, Career,

Business, Family and Spiritual goals. I say it’s opportunity to dream again which means

nothing is off the table.

The BIG question I have for you is “have you stopped dreaming,” if so, vision boarding is

opportunity for you to dream again. Vision Boarding is like declaring your New Year's

resolutions except with your vision board that declaration of your goals are dreams are

illustrated by Pictures and Words.

At Beyond Legacy we host Vision Board events. What makes Beyond Legacy’s vision

boarding a unique experience you might ask? Beyond Legacy has added an additional spin

to vision boarding by adding a legacy component to the vision. We provide a safe space and

community that allows you to dream freely about what legacy you desire to leave for your

business, family, ministry, family or community; we believe its “AN EXPERIENCE” like no

other. With that in mind we have coined it “The Vision Board Experience” because it is done

in a group session with keynote speakers and subject matter experts. It is a fun, thought

provoking activity that allows you to think about what mark you want to leave in the various

aspect of your life as well as what you want to leave for the next generation.

Another question is what is that you think the next generation needs that currently doesn’t

exist? So, I challenge give Vision Boarding a try, gather your craft supplies, put on some

music and begin to dream of the things you have always wanted to experience, such as

places you’ve wanted to travel, things you want to create, personal goals you’ve pit off like

fitness, or maybe a talent you want to master. Crafting is my Zen, an escape, it allows you to

tap into your creative side.

Putting a vision board together is only the beginning, the next step is an action plan. When

you have written your vision and action plan, you begin to move towards your goals.

Dreaming is fun, making dreams come true is fulfilling, otherwise we are merely existing. If

you accept the challenge, I would love to see the finish product or if you need assistance in

getting started or more information reach out to me and I will assist you.

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